Hello, everyone! Welcome to the second article on thedisneyjournal.com! Let’s get right into it, as this one is long, and will be split into a few parts posted over the course of the week, and will be continued next week.


As I said in my post about River Country, I went to Walt Disney World in late August. If you can’t tell by the title, I played Pokémon Go there. In this post, I’m going to to tell you which park is the best, and how to properly play Pokémon Go at Walt Disney World. Part one of this part will contain my experiences at each park in relation to Pokémon Go. Part two will be posted tomorrow, and will talk about the resorts. Part three of the topic will be posted after, and will talk about gyms. Of course, if you do go to WDW, don’t just play Pokémon. Enjoy the parks, shop, and ride. Walt Disney World is incredible, and Go shouldn’t be your first priority while there. Anyway, let’s start with Animal Kingdom.






Pokemongomap.info (Blue are Pokestops, red are gyms)


So, I only went to this park once, as it’s not my favorite, and there’s not much to do. But, I didn’t bring my phone, so I don’t know what Pokémon Go is like there. That’s why I started with this park. Go see for yourself!








While Disney doesn’t list this as a park, it’s as incredible and elegant as the rest of them, so I’m including it. I did bring my phone here, and I can tell you this is the worst place for Pokémon in Pokémon Go. While it has a ton of Pokestops and gyms, it’s outdated. All of the Pokestops are in the Marketplace, with some spread around the old Pleasure Island area. The game, as well as Ingress, haven’t been updated to include the new parts of Disney Springs. So, a huge part of the “park” have no Pokestops or gyms, since it was a parking lot during the Downtown Disney era. There are a reasonable amount of Pokémon there, though. I caught a lot of Pidgey, Magikarp, Jynx, and Eevee. I recall catching a Bulbasaur as well, so while it’s the worst of the parks, it’s great for Pokémon. That should give you a good idea what is to come.








Hollywood Studios is not a great park right now. It has about a dozen things to do, and everything is under construction as they build Star Wars and Toy Story land. But, while it’s the worst park to visit, it’s not the worst place for Pokémon. There’s a variety of Pokémon, and some interesting ones occupy the park. First, let’s talk Pokestops. If you look at the picture above, there are a lot. But, it has the least of the official Disney Parks at WDW. About half of these are lured at any given time, as people lure Pokestops while they wait in line for the Tower of Terror or the Rockin Roller Coaster. This attracts some interesting Pokémon. While waiting to enter one’s Man Dream, a Snorlax appeared in my sightings.




If I had to guess, it was at a lured Pokestop within Toy Story Midway Mania, which had a three hour wait at the time. I couldn’t find it, sadly. It disappeared before I could get there. But, just seeing it in my Sightings makes it better than Disney Springs. I caught other rare Pokémon there, though. On the bus, I caught a Pikachu, and a Scyther. I caught plenty of Magikarp, both in the park and on the boat ride out of the park. I caught a few Pidgey, a Dratini and a Charmander. I avoided Weedles and Ratatas, as my bag was almost full, but there were plenty of those. There were a couple Slowpokes and Psyducks, but while this park has a lot of Pokémon, it is nothing compared to the final two parks.








Welcome to the Happiest Place on Earth! Home to Slowpokes, Digletts, Cubones, and everything in between! This is my favorite park, because it’s beautiful, lively, and fun. It’s great for Pokémon Go. Most of the Pokestops are lured, and there’s a huge variety of Pokémon everywhere. I caught my first Koffing, Diglett, Cubone, Golduck, and Slowbro here. This park has the most ways to cheat the game, too. Ride the train, and you can hit a ton of different Pokestops and encounter a variety of Pokémon, both rare and common. Ride the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover, and you can get the Pokestop within Space Mountain, as well as hatch your eggs and encounter Pokémon and Pokestops. Or you can walk and get all of these Pokestops, and encounter more Pokémon. I suggest you do both, as it’s not just about Pokémon Go. Enjoy the best theme park on Earth, and play Pokémon Go after you’ve done everything.


I suppose I should talk about the Pokémon I caught there. The park is a nest for Slowpokes. They are everywhere. If you want a Slowbro, go to Magic Kingdom. You’ll get one, or four. I caught a Pikachu here, as well as a Tauros, Dratini, and a Golduck, on my first trip to the park. Of course, there are Weedle, Pidgey, and Ratata everywhere. I’ll talk about the gyms later, as they need their own section. In short, this is an amazing park, both for Pokémon and as a park.








This is the best park for Pokémon. Everything here is perfect for it: a lake, dozens of Pokestops, and plenty of buildings to play in. It is my favorite park to play in. The reason why lies in the layout of World Showcase. World Showcase is wrapped around a lake, with the nations close to each other and near the lake. What I’m saying is, no matter where you are, there’s a Pokestop within range. You need to have an empty bag when you get there, as you’ll fill it up quickly if you don’t. Most are lured in the evening, which means rare Pokémon. There are quite a few Dratini that spawn at lures, but they can be hard to find since there are so many Pokestops.


Epcot is a nest for three different Pokémon. Like Magic Kingdom, Epcot is a nest for Slowpokes, and there are a lot of them. Unlike MK, Epcot is also a nest for Psyducks. In my time at Epcot, I caught three Golducks, and evolved five Psyducks into Golducks. Too bad Golducks aren’t good. The other nest is a Magikarp nest. I was able to evolve one Magikarp into a Gyrados, with help from the Polynesian Resort, which also has a Magikarp nest, just to a smaller extent. That’s over 100 of those stupid fish. This is why Epcot is the best park for Pokémon Go. It also entertains tweens and teens who can’t legally drink alcohol.

In the Future World section, the Fountain of Nations area has the most Pokémon. I’ve caught Dratini, Pikachu, a Mankey, an Ekans, and an Arbok there. It’s the best place in the Future World section.


In conclusion, there are endless amounts of Magikarp at Epcot, and everywhere else at the Walt Disney World resort.


Part Two will be posted tomorrow, and will be about the resorts I visited, and the Pokestops and Pokémon there.