Hotels are among the most important important part of a megaresort, and Disney does it well. Some are elegant, some are lively, all are unique, and you can play Pokémon Go at every one of them. I visited a few hotels, and I will tell you my Pokémon Go experience at each of them. Let’s start with the Polynesian Resort:





screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-5-08-20-pm (REMINDER: BLUE=POKESTOP, RED=GYM)




Starting with the resort I stayed at, the Polynesian is great for Pokémon Go. There are plenty of Pokestops, and it could be even better if you stay at one of the buildings which contains a Pokestop. Unfortunately, I stayed at Pago Pago, which doesn’t have a Pokestop in the building, and is far from the Pokestop heavy area, so I had to walk to get Pokémon and Pokestops. The Pokémon there are similar to that of Epcot, lots of Psyducks, Slowpokes, and Margikarp. There are quite a few Balbasuar and Dratini there as well, and Goldeens appear every once in a while. I got my first Doduo here. It’s a good resort for walking, making it an ideal place for Pokémon Go.





Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 5.09.49 PM.png


This is my favorite resort to stay at. It’s so elegant, you can’t not be amazed by it. The lobby is among the best, only rivaled by The Wilderness Lodge. And, it’s great for Pokémon. I caught my first Charmander here, at the monorail station, as well as a Magmar. At this resort, you can catch Slowpokes and Psyducks, as well as the common Pokémon you can catch everywhere else. I wasn’t here long, so I couldn’t find anything rare than a Dratini which was halfway between the Polynesian and the Grand Floridian. But, I’m guessing it has the same type of Pokémon the Polynesian has.







This is the most modern, yet one of the oldest resorts on property. I have never stayed here, but I want to, eventually. In order to get to River Country and the Wilderness Lodge, we travelled around the resort, so I got to see the Pokémon. I encountered a lot of Goldeens, Slowpokes, and Oddish, as well as the common Pokémon you see everywhere. The gym was controlled by Instinct the entire week I was there. Instinct controls a lot of WDW, as I’ll mention later when I talk about the gyms.







As I mentioned before, this resort has the best lobby ever. The amount of detail put into it is insane. Made to mimic the lodges in the Pacific Northwest, it is the best themed hotel out of the resorts, in my opinion. As you would expect, it’s great for Pokémon. Plenty of Exeggute, Slowpokes, and Magikarp. It has a fair share of common Pokémon, and plenty of Pokestops. I had my Lapras in the main gym for a few days, and I lured a couple Pokestops in hopes of getting a wild Exeggutor, but I had no luck. Oh well.








Did you know that River Country is a Pokestop? It is.




I wish I could’ve lured it, but as I said in my River Country post, cast members were guarding the entrance to the park. I should’ve used that as an excuse to get in, instead of having to go to the bathroom.

If you want to read about River Country, CLICK HERE.


I got lost at Fort Wilderness playing Pokémon Go, so I don’t really recommend hunting here. There aren’t that many great Pokémon anyway. I think I caught a Charmander at the entrance to FW. That’s about all.



Part three will talk about the gyms at WDW! See you then.