Gyms at Walt Disney World are a unique experience. Gyms can get to level 8 or nine in minutes, and be destroyed in the same amount of time. The gyms at the parks are constantly changing, from team to team, so it’s impossible to assume which teams owns the Cinderella Castle gym, or the Spaceship Earth gym.


All of the major attractions/favorites are gyms: Cinderella Castle, Spaceship Earth, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tower of Terror, the Tree of Life, and Expedition: Everest. Some of the gyms, like Pokestops, are outdated. The Sorcerer’s Hat is a gym, yet it no longer exists. I’m assuming they’ll be updated, eventually. These gyms are cool to be in, to screenshot, then post on Twitter or on Snapchat to brag about it, but you won’t stay in these gyms for more than an hour.  I managed to get into the Spaceship Earth gym, but I didn’t screenshot it and wasn’t in it for more than five minutes. Disney World is a competitive place for Pokémon Go, as there are so many players there.


If you want a less competitive atmosphere for gyms, go to the resorts. While gyms get built up quickly, they tend to stay one team for a while. I stayed at the Polynesian Resort, as I said, and there is one gym at the entrance of the resort.




I put my Lapras in it, and it was in it for a full week, including after I left.


Gyms at the resorts don’t change as much, as there are less people there, so you’ll stay in the gym for a while if the gym gets built up to at least level 6.


While the gyms change from team to team, one team seems to control the majority of gyms at Walt Disney World. And that is Instinct. I don’t know why, but Team Instinct controls most gyms at Epcot, Magic Kingdom (At least, when I was there), and some hotels. Valor controlled most of the other gyms, with Mystic controlling the least gyms, which is the strangest thing. Everything at Disney World is different than the norm, I guess. Makes sense.




So, that concludes my article on Pokémon Go at Disney World. For this week, at least. Next week will be a continuation of this, in the form of a guide on how to properly play Pokémon Go at WDW.








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