Hello, and welcome back to the Disney Journal! This week I have a lighter topic for you guys, and one I think could be interesting! Here is a list of my favorite attractions at the Magic Kingdom! I have been to Walt Disney World 12 times, so I know what rides I like and what I don’t. This is my opinion, and in no way meant to offend anyone.



  1. Tomorrowland Speedway




Nothing like the rush of racing a car at Disney World! No speed limits, and no rules. Except for the fact that the cars can’t go very fast and there are a few rules. But, it’s still fun to race a car against your friends and family. It’s a classic ride, and one of my favorites.



  1. Hall of Presidents




It’s an attraction that doesn’t get enough credit. This show has great animatronics, a fun and factual story, and great voice acting. The show is on the longer side, but it’s worth the wait. I suggest everyone see this show, as it is informational, fun, and has great animatronics. My only complaint is that it doesn’t feature any music from Hamilton. For shame.



  1. Philharmagic




My next pick is a show that has a true Disney Spirit. If you don’t know, Philharmagic is a short show which follows Donald Duck on a quest to get Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Cap back, going through a bunch of Michael Eisner-era movies to get it. The show features most of the classic Disney characters, and has music from each of the movies it showcases. It’s a nice show to watch if you’re avoiding crowds during a parade, avoiding heat, or just want to take a break and watch a show with great music. The line is never long, so there’s no rush to see this ride, but I recommend everyone see it once during their trip to the most magical place on Earth.



  1. Splash Mountain




Zipideedodah! My oh my what a wonderful day! Let’s go to the laughing place. Splash Mountain is a classic ride and is one of the most thrilling rides at Magic Kingdom, when it works. It would be higher on my list if it didn’t close so much, but for whatever reason, it does. From the 50 foot drop to the music and dialog, this ride is fun through and through. Also, you get wet on this ride, which is refreshing in the Florida heat. While it has a long wait time, I recommend you ride this ride multiple times in one trip. Unless you don’t like drops, because this ride is full of them. It’s also slightly scary, so don’t bring younger kids with you.



  1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad




Journey to the wild west and experience Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, a trip through the rocks on a runaway mine train. Sadly, the ride was closed for refurbishment while I was there, so I didn’t get to ride it. I would have loved to, though. It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s thrilling, it’s everything a ride should be. It’s excellently themed, and while the wait times are on the longer side, ride this ride. Just get a Fastpass. Even the queue line is themed to the wild frontier, so you’ll be immersed as you wait.


That’s all for part one! Part two will be posted tomorrow and will have the top 5 rides at the Magic Kingdom!