Prepare to get exposed, Jake and friends.


If you don’t know who Bright Sun Films is, they are a small-ish YouTube channel with about 180,000 subscribers. They run a series on their channel named ‘Abandoned’, which talks about abandoned places and concepts with an emphasize on Disney properties, as well as other small series. They have done some things which I believe they need to be exposed for that go unnoticed by fans, and I wish to end that. Here are six ways I’ve exposed them for their wrongdoing.

  1. The name “Abandoned” hints at something….


The most popular series on their channel is by far Abandoned, which at a glance may seem like a fitting title for a show talking about places that have been left to rot by their owners. But a closer look would prove otherwise. Splitting the title into four separate words will reveal a new side of the name: A Band One D. See what I’m getting at? A Band: One D(irection)! They can’t hide anything from me: BSF (Jake especially) are huge fans of One Direction, and named their series after the band! EXPOSED.

  1. BSF Research Team steals memes


The Bright Sun Films group has three twitter accounts: @BrightSunFilms (The main one), @datJakeWilliams (Jake’s account), and @BSFResearchTeam (The account for the research team). I’m going to focus on the third account, and how they steal memes. On January 14th the best account on Twitter (@ExposingBSF) tweeted this:


Soon after, they retweeted the tweet, and liked it, which is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. But, on January 17th they replied to a tweet with this:


They stole @ExposingBSF’s tweet and made it their own. @ExposingBSF should really sue them for that. EXPOSED.

  1. They made an account to expose themselves

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 6.07.43 PM.png

Let’s focus on @ExposingBSF. It claims itself to be a fan account dedicated to exposing @BrightSunFilms, but is it really a fan account? Let’s start with their strange access to videos. Seemingly, ExposingBSF watches all episodes of Abandoned early, typically by about one day. Their name isn’t listed at the end credits as a Patreon supporter, so they don’t support BSF on that site. The only other solution is that ExposingBSF is a part of BrightSunFilms and he/she watches the completed video with Jake and the rest of the crew. If that alone isn’t enough proof, I have more: Their access to the thumbnail. On January 6th, after the Explore – Abandoned High School video was released, ExposingBSF posted this photoshopped version of the thumbnail.


Everyone knows you can’t get the thumbnail directly from YouTube, and BSF didn’t post the thumbnail anywhere else, Exposing BSF either had to get it from BSF via DM, or EBSF (ExposingBSF) is secretly BrightSunFilms. BSF never responds to their DMs, so the answer becomes obvious: @ExposingBSF is @BrightSunFilms. If this still isn’t proof, I still have more evidence: @BSFResearchTeam denies that EBSF is BSF. This twitter conversation proves that:


They claim that it’s a fan account, but what fan of theirs would want to expose them? They’re all too nice and supportive to do that. They also say that “They will probably expose this tweet” meaning they know that EBSF will do such a thing, meaning that they are EBSF. EXPOSED.

  1. Jake plays the flute


I have no evidence to back this one up. I just really think he would be a good flutist. EXPOSED.

  1. Jake trolled little kids and mothers when he was younger

The early days of BSF were quite strange. Jake made Let’s Play videos and trolling videos, none of which really grew his channel. Some of these videos are quite hilarious, actually. Here’s a list of some of his evil videos that deserve to be exposed:

I feel as if he needs to be exposed for these videos, simply because it’s not very nice (Insert pouting toddler and imagine him/her saying that). You’ve been EXPOSED, Jake.

And, finally….

  1. Jake is being held hostage by people who claim Canada is real: BSF

I saved the best for last: I have concrete evidence to suggest that Jake Williams is being held hostage by the other members of BSF, who are all crazy enough to believe that Canada is real and that they live in it. At the very end of his latest video, this clip was included:

It’s dark, so it’s hard to tell, but it seems that when Jake messed up his line, he went through immense pain, as if he was shocked by a shock collar. He included this clip to try to warn us that he is being held hostage by the other members of BSF, and is forced to say his lines or else he will be shocked. We need to help Jake before it’s too late. BSF=EXPOSED.

I have just exposed Bright Sun Films. I hope whatever respect you had for them was ripped to shreds and that you are in the process of printing out a picture of their Twitter account or YouTube channel and throwing eggs at it or making a YouTube video called ‘I Hate Bright Sun Films’ on your IHE parody account. Thanks for reading and I hope you’re enlightened!

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: This article is a complete joke. All of the points I made are BS and are untrue. I actually really enjoy Bright Sun Films’s content and like everything about them. You should check them out: they’re really great if you are fascinated by abandoned stuff just like I am. This article is for comedic purposes only. In reality, I run @ExposingBSF and only do it for comedy and because it’s fun.