While I am a fan of Disney as a whole, there are some things I can’t stand about the company and their entities. In this shorter post, I want to go over three of these things, why I hate them, and how I would fix them.





While the Disney parks are fun, magical, and creative, the Disney Store reflects only the worst qualities of a Disney theme park: Heat, strollers, and crowds. They are absolutely the worst place to go if you want to enjoy your precious time. Packed wall to wall with the most modern Disney merchandise, the pathways which wind through the store are narrower than two people shoulder to shoulder. Disney tries to fit 15,000 square feet of merchandise in a 2,500 sq. foot store, and it doesn’t work. I went to the Mall of America’s Disney Store recently, and  it was filled with narrow pathways, crowds, and overstocked merchandise. It wasn’t even that busy, but I still felt like I was at the Magic Kingdom at peak season. I only spent about two minutes in the store, and I couldn’t last any longer. Strollers take up the entire pathway, which must be designed for toddler traffic and not for the traffic of their parents or elders. A huge space is wasted for a sing along gazebo with a few small chairs and a TV screen playing ‘How Far I’ll Go’ on constant repeat.


Every Disney Store I’ve been to is like this: Overfilled with merchandise and not enough space for anyone to buy or browse. Honestly, they either need to lease larger spaces or sell less merchandise. They’re designed as best as they can be, but there is just too much stuff in the tiny store.






While it’s fairly cliché for people to hate on the Disney Channel for it being awful recently, I offer a slightly differing opinion: it’s always been bad from a live action standpoint. Sure, there have been a few good live action shows on Disney Channel, but most of them are utter garbage. Jessie, Suite Life on Deck, and Dog with a Blog are some of the worst, in my opinion. You may disagree, but you can’t disagree that Disney is much better at making animated series, and has much more success with them. But they’re still focusing on live action, because their target demographic laps up the crap they produce. In the end, it’s up to the parents though, and if the parents stop letting their kids watch garbage and let them watch the good shows (DuckTales, Gravity Falls, Lilo and Stitch: The Series), maybe Disney would take a hint.


Everything else that relates as to why I hate the Disney Channel has been said by some other angry blogger like myself (child stars, small budgets, good stuff getting cancelled), so I won’t explain more.






Disney’s main IP and the face of the company is Mickey Mouse. The most famous mouse was created in 1928, and is the cause of the long term pause and destruction of the Public Domain. When Mickey Mouse was created by Walt Disney, it was protected under the Copyright Act, which entitled him to 56 years of exclusive use by Disney. In 1984, that would expire, and Mickey would enter the public domain, making the character free for anyone to use much like the works of Rudyard Kipling, Tom Sawyer, and many others. But, that never happened. Instead, Disney lobbied for Congress to extend the expiration date of the protection of Mickey Mouse and other properties both created by Disney and by other companies. This meant that Mickey would enter the Public Domain in 2003, with other characters that Disney and other companies were trying to protect. When 2003 came, Congress passed another bill on behalf of Disney extending the expiration of their exclusive use of the character until 2023. Presumably, when 2023 comes, Congress will extend the expiration of copyright even further, stagnating the Public Domain even more and allowing companies to keep firm grasps on their characters for decades to come.


These bills have completely paused and stagnated the Public Domain, as no new characters or properties have entered the PD for decades. The properties that are in the PD are oversaturated and boring thanks to the stagnation. Essentially, Disney destroyed the Public Domain, something they once borrowed characters and idea from.




What do you hate about Disney? I’d love to hear.


Thanks for reading, and check back on the site on Thursday for a very special review.