Disney has one of the hardest jobs in the world when it comes to the Hall of Presidents at Magic Kingdom. One, animatronics have to be replaced very frequently as the job of the president is replaced every 4 or 8 years; and two: no one is ever happy. Some conservatives complained about Disney adding Obama to the HoP back in 2009, and now some liberals are complaining about Disney adding Trump to the HoP. Though, it seems the complaints are much worse than they were in 2009, thanks to Vice and the advancements of social media.


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I don’t like Donald Trump. My values don’t line up with his, and I don’t believe he’s making America Great Again. That being said, I still know he is the president, and while complaining can do good, it is also pointless sometimes. Such is a case here: I find that the people complaining are doing nothing good to their cause, and end up seeming as if they wish to censor history.

Disney has always incorporated the next president into their ride, and beginning in 1993 with Bill Clinton, they let the president give a speech. Clinton did this, Bush did it, and Obama did it. Naturally the next president should also be given the opportunity, regardless of their political affiliation. Disney is taking a smart stance here: adding and giving Donald Trump a speaking role is a smarter political stance than taking him out of the HoP. If Disney did take him out or sideline him, there would be uproar from conservatives and historians claiming Disney to be censoring the president and creating their own false history, something Disney can’t afford to deal with. Them adding him makes it so they are continuing a tradition, and it doesn’t have to be a political statement.

Disney’s official statement

That being said, some people are very angry with Disney’s decision. Some are calling to boycott the ride or saying they’ll never ride it again (Like they’ve ever been on it in the first place), which I find to completely stupid and honestly it makes me a bit angry. It doesn’t have to be political unless you make it to be. It could just be the president talking about the great country that is the USA, and doesn’t have to do with any of the controversies surrounding him (They should be discussed, as some of them need to be investigated thoroughly, but a Disney ride is not a place for those discussions). As I said earlier, if Disney left him out as these people want, the backlash from conservatives and possibly the POTUS himself would far outweigh the small group of angry liberals who want to completely erase Trump from history and think a theme park ride which has wait times no more than a 1/2 hour are going to do that.

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Regarding the above picture, this is my favorite of the hate comments. If the first thing that exposes your kids to the president is the Hall of Presidents, either 1) The educational system needs to be overhauled (More than the Universe of Energy), or 2) you’re parenting wrong. I don’t like Trump either, but he is the president and you should probably tell your kids that. I understand Disney is a family park, but it’s the president of the United States we’re talking about here.


The final thing I want to mention is Vice. Before all the information was released, they ran a story about how Trumps’ administration were essentially being douchebags (Which I could believe if there was real evidence) about Trump in the Hall of Presidents. They pretty much added politics in a situation that didn’t need it, and were completely wrong. Don’t always trust the media, whether Vice or CNN or Fox or Breitbart.


I may not like Trump, but I understand that adding him is the smartest move for Disney. By doing this, they aren’t creating their own false history, something they can’t afford to be accused of. It’s the most bipartisan thing they can do (It’s the Hall of Presidents. Not everyone can be happy).



Obviously, my opinion: Disney needs to stay neutral, which means adding Donald Trump to the Hall of Presidents. It’s not a partisan move: it’s the opposite. They’ve done it since 1993, meaning they’ll do it for a president you don’t like.


That’s just my opinion. I would like to hear yours in the comments.