Earlier this week, I read an article from ChipandCo (Others talked about it too) about a possible Zootopia themed land coming to Animal Kingdom. The article was extremely vague as to what that would entail, in typical ChipAndCo fashion. I was intrigued, and did a LOT digging into possible rumors, permits, and attractions for the land. I found nothing, but the lack of solid evidence actually generated more questions in my head: what would a Zootopia themed land actually look like?

ChipandCo claimed that Rafiki’s Planet Watch/Conservation Station would be replaced by Zootopialand, which gives Imagineers a lot of space to work with:

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 7.55.29 PM

The entire area Conservation Station/Rafiki’s Planet Watch encompasses is roughly double the size of Pandora, and most of it is storage. Disney could very easily fit a Zootopia land into the area, but the question is will they?

A Zootopia themed land would somewhat fit Animal Kingdoms’ theme, as the characters are animals. Disney doesn’t really care about theming anymore, so a Disney property that somewhat fits a theme works for them. The biggest issue would be costs: A Zootopia themed land, unless Disney just reskinned Rafiki’s Planet Watch, would cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build small skyscrapers and the individual sections. The skyscrapers may also ruin the view from Asia, as they would most likely be able to be seen above the trees. These conflicting sight lines may be enough for Disney cancel it, however it’s possible Disney may be able to fit the land in without ruining sight lines.


So there are two options to bring Zootopia to Animal Kingdom:


  1. A full Zootopia themed land

What I imagine a Zootopia themed land would look like:

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 7.u55.29 PM.jpg

I flipped the four sections of Zootopia so that the Rainforest District was closest to AK so the trees can block the skyscrapers of Downtown. The rest of the land is identical to the movie: The train tours the four sections before coming to a stop in downtown. In this land, each section would be dedicated to the animals that live in each climate/area, and would carry a similar theme to Conservation Station in that aspect. Obviously, there would be characters and references galore to go along with that, and maybe one or two rides, space permitting.


2. A reskin of Conservation Station with Zootopia characters

The other option is the less creative but more realistic option:  A simple reskin of the attraction to include characters from Zootopia.




That’s all I have. If anything is announced at D23 this year (Which is possible as construction would take 5+ years to complete), I’ll update this post or write a new post dedicated to what we know about the land. That was the original plan for this post, but there was no solid evidence or great rumors surrounding this themed land.